Welcome to nott Dance 2000, the number one small scale contemporary dance festival in the UK.

Continually exploring the boundaries between dance and live performance, this year’s festival introduces to Nottinghamshire some of the finest, most talked about national and international dancers, choreographers and artists of the late 20th century.

Throughout May, stimulating and thought-provoking dance performances can be seen across Nottinghamshire, so whether you are a newcomer to contemporary dance or a regular follower, nott Dance 2000 will not disappoint.

There are unique performances from Rosemary Butcher, Wendy Houstoun and a newly commissioned piece by Jamie Watton for the Bonington Gallery. UK based Imlata create new work, with dancers from South East Asia and Ricochet presents five solo performances from some of the most creative minds around including theatre director Phelim Mc Dermott, choreographer La Ribot and writer/ performer Gary Carter.

Rarely seen in the UK and never before seen outside of London, internationally acclaimed Saburo Teshigawara presents his stunning new piece at Nottingham Playhouse. Figure head of a new generation of dance makers Jérôme Bel returns to nott Dance with his minimal but effective choreography in The Last Performance. Finally, we are delighted to present rising star of the international dance scene Boris Charmatz, performing the first piece of work he ever made with Dimitri Chamblas as part of a shared evening with Jerwood choreography Award winner Fin Walker.

Festival Co-ordinator: Ayla Suveren.

Dance4 Director: Jane Greenfield.

Nottdance 2000 includes works by :

Akram Khan (UK)

Boris Charamatz & Dimitri Chamblas (FR)

Fervant Defacto (UK)

Fin Walker (UK)

Guandong Modern Dance Company (CH)

Imlata (UK/IN)

Jamie Watton (UK)

Jérôme Bel  (FR)

Julie Hood (UK)

LKD Productions (Louise Katerega) (UK)

Ricochet Singles (UK)

Rorshach Collective (UK)

Rosemary Butcher (UK)

Saburo Teshigawara (JP)

Stepping Ground (UK)

Takashi Iwaoka & Simone Kenyon (UK)

Tutti Frutti (UK)

Wendy Houstoun (UK)

      Home Page Image : Boris Charmatz & Dimitri Chamblas – A Bras Le Corps. Photo Credit- Pierre Fabris

About Page Image :Jérôme Bel – The Last Performance. Photo Credit – Gerhard F. Ludwig